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the second anode of the picture tube. SUB-BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT 3) Operation: KEY
General Information 2. Turn on the receiver. Set the BRIGHTNESS
and CONTRAST Controls to minimum (zero
1. Tune in a colour programme.
2. Set the CONTRAST Control to the minimum "1" TV gets into service mode with key opera-
Pedestal distortion correction.

beam current). and the BRIGHTNESS Control to the centre. tion;
3.High voltage will be measured below 29.0 kV. 3. Set the COLOUR Control to the centre.
Also Covers 4. Set the SUB-BRIGHT. Control (R255) to the
HORIZONTAL CENTRE ADJUSTMENT centre and leave the receiver for five minutes
2180 TB 1. Receive the UK PHILIPS pattern. in this state. "2" TV indicates screen with "F" +"4" key.
2. Set the contrast and colour to centre, and the
C80 Chassis brightness to centre.
5. Watching the picture well, adjust the SUB-
BRIGHT. Control in the position where the 5. SUB DATA ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION
3. Adjust H. CENTER USER Control (R452) so picture does not show evidence of blooming in
the pattern centre can be located at the Symbol
high bright area and not appear too dark in HIT HCP
screen centre. low bright portion. Setting of amount of H amplitude correction
Recommended Safety Parts FOCUS ADJUSTMENT 6. Check the proper picture variation by rotating Description against variation of screen brightness.
Adjust FOCUS Control on FLYBACK TRANS. the CONTRAST and BRIGHTNESS Controls V amplitude adjustment.
Item Part No. Description to both extremes.
(T461) for well defined scanning lines in the
centre area on the screen. 7. If the picture does not appear dark with the
A401 23425938 Back Cover CONTRAST and BRIGHTNESS Controls
C423 24095755 PF, 0.47