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File No. S360-31
Order No. GC28-6538-9

Systems Reference Library

Linkage Editor and Loader
Program Numbers 360S-ED-510

This publication provides the information necessary to
use the linkage editor or loader program of the IBM
System/360 Operating System to prepare the output of a
language translator for execution. The intended
audience is a customer applications programmer coding
in a higher-level language or a system programmer
responsible for installing and maintaining the
operating system. An introductory knowledge of the
concepts and facilities of the IBM System/360 Operating
System is required to use this reference guide most

The linkage editor combines and edits modules to
produce a single module that can be brought into main
storage by program fetch for execution. It operates as
a processing program rather than as part of the control
program. The linkage editor provides several
processing facilities that are either performed
automatically or invoked in response to control
statements prepared by the programmer.

The loader combines the basic editing and loading
functions of the linkage editor and program fetch in
one job step. It is designed for high-performance
loading of modules that do not require the special
processing facilities of the linkage editor and fetch,
such as overlay. The loader does not produce load
modules for program libraries.
Tenth Edition (January 1972)

This is a major revision of, and makes obsolete, Order No. GC28-6538-S.
Information about CSECT Identification records has been added. Minor
changes have been made throughout.
This edition corresponds to Release 21 of the IBM System/360 operating
System and to all subsequent releases until otherwise indicated in new
editions or Technical Newsletters.
Changes are periodically made to the specifications herein; before using
this publication in connection with the operation of IBM systems, refer
to the latest SRL Newsletter, Order No. GN20-0360, for editions that
are applicable and current.
Requests for copies of IBM publications should be made to your IBM
representative or to the IBM Bran~h Office serving your locality.
A form for readers' comments is provided at the back of this
publication. If the form has been removed, comments may be addressed to
IBM Corporation, Programming Publications, Department 078, Monterey and
Cottle Roads, San Jose, California 95114.
@ Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 1969,1971

Date of Publication: January 1972
Form of Publication: Revision GC28-6538-9

CSECT Identification Records

New: Programming Feature

These records contain data describing the language translators and
linkage editor that produced the program, any modifications to that
program by IMASPZAP, and, optionally, up to forty characters of user
data for each control section within the program. The IMBLIST
service aid program can be used to access these records.

Programmer responses to linkage editor and loader messages are
changed where applicable to reflect the problem determination aids
offered by the IMBLIST service aid program.

Linkage Editor and Loader Messages

New: Programming and Documentation