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File Number S360(Mod.20)-20
Form C24-90l0-3 TPS

Systems Reference .Library

IBM 'System/360 Model 20
Tape Programming System
Performance Estimates

This manual contains performance estimates for the
Model 20 Tape Programning System. Internal and
external storage requirements, as well as time
requirements, are listed in tables or provided in
the form of formulas with which the needed infor-
mation can be obtained.

Readers of this publication should be familiar
with the contents of the System Reference Library
(SRL) publication IBM System/360 Model 20, Tape
Programming System, Control and Service Programs,
Form C24-9000.

Readers should also have r~d those SRL publi-
cations that are concerned with the particular
program or programs for which performance esti-
mates are needed.
r-- i
'l.Q.!H:th Edition (Plarch 1969) ,
I ,
I ,
IThis is a major revisioD of, aad obsoletes, C24-9010-2.)
IChanges have been made throughout the manual, mainly to
Ireflect the availability of the IBPI System/360 ftodel 20
ISubmodel 5. Changes to the text, and small changes to
~illustrations, are indicated by a vertical line to the left
lof the change; changed or added illustrations are denoted
,by the symbol. to the left of the caption.
IThis edition applies to the following program version and
Imodification levels of the IBM System/360 Model 20 Tape
IProgramming system, and to all subsequent versions an~
Imodifications until otherwise indicated in new editions or
ITechnical Newsletters.
) R