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Addendum to the AOM2 Manual

The following information covers changesto the manual for the AOM2/1 and AOM2/1


The topics "D/A DATA" and "STROBE" on pages6 and 7 of the AOM2 manual imply that
the mechanism of updating an output channel depends on the strobe feature, which may be
enabled or disabled. This information is in error. The strobe operation is alwavs enabled. A
channel will update & after the strobe line has been sent an "ISSUE DATA" command.
Several channels may be loaded with data and an ISSUE DATA sent to the strobe line, or
channel data may be updated individually, each followed by an ISSUE DATA.

This information is relevant only if you are writing your own low-level drivers for the AOM2
module. High-level software such as KDACSOO, ASYST, or Labtech Notebook handle
updating of output channels automatically.

Document SOO-930-02C Addendum to the AOM2 Manual
(c) Keithley Instruments, Inc. Cleveland, OH April 25,199l