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Writing Windows 95, 32-Bit Programs

The ASO-Win95/32-Bit disk, which is shipped with your ASO software package, allows you
to use your Keithley MetraByte DAS Function Call Driver to write Windows 95, 32-bit

You can use almost all the functions supported by your Function Call Driver. Therefore, with
minimal change, you can recompile and run a program written for the 16-bit version of your
programming language as a Windows 95, 32-bit program.

Note the following exceptions and considerations:
q You cannot use any functions specific to your board or card. For example, if you are
using a DAS-1800 Series board, you must use K_OpenDriver, instead of
DAS1800_DevOpen, to initialize the Function Call Driver.
q You cannot use locally dimensioned arrays. To reserve memory, you must allocate
memory dynamically using K_IntAlloc or K_DMAAlloc.
q You must install the Keithley Memory Manager. Refer to your hardware user's guide
for information on installing the Keithley Memory Manager.

Languages Supported
You can use the ASO-Win95/32-Bit disk when programming in the following languages:
q Microsoft