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In addition to the product line Handbooks listed below, the INTEL PRODUCT G U I DE (no charge, Order
No. 210846) provides an overview of Intel's complete product line and customer services.
Consult the INTEL L1TERATU RE GU I DE for a complete listing of I ntelliterature. TO ORDER literature
in the United States, write or call the Intel Literature Department. 3065 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA
95051, (800) 538-1876, or (800) 672-1833 (California only). TO ORDER literature from international
locations, contact the nearest Intel sales office or distributor (see listings in the back of most any Intel

Memory Components Handbook (Order No. 210830) $15.00
Contains all application notes, article reprints, data sheets, and other design information
on RAMs, DRAMs, EPROMs, E2pROMs, Bubble Memories.

Telecommunication Products Handbook (Order No. 230730) 7.50
Contains all application notes, article reprints, and data sheets for telecommunication

Microcontroller Handbook (Order No. 210918) 15.00
Contains all application notes, article reprints, data sheets, and design information for the
MCS-48, MCS-51 and MCS-96 families.

Microsystem Components Handbook (Order No. 230843) 20.00
Contains application notes, article reprints, data sheets, technical papers for micropro-
cessors and peripherals. (2 Volumes) (individual User Manuals are also available on the
8085, 8086, 8088, 186, 286, etc. Consult the Literature Guide for prices and order

Military Handbook (Order No. 210461) 10.00
Contains complete data sheets for all military products. Information on Leadless Chip
Carriers and on Quality Assurance is also included.

Development Systems Handbook (Order No. 210940) 10.00
Contains data sheets on development systems and software, support options, and design

OEM Systems Handbook (Order No. 210941) 15.00
Contains all data sheets, application notes, and article reprints for OEM boards and

Software Handbook (Order No. 230786) 10.00
Contains all data sheets, applications notes, and article reprints available directly
from Intel, as well as 3rd Party software.

* Prices are for the U.S, only.