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Several people have already menti o ned to me that having t o remember to
say "notabs" f.?very time a filE.~ is sewed is"> ,::\ pain. I iagree (although
I can't help pointing out that mo s t of the problem would be gone if
Epson had handled runs of tab characters properly). What follows is
a patch that may be applied to pe.exe to permanently disable compressing
runs of blanks to tabs. The syntax of the File and Save commands is
not ch",mqed; but ef f ect i vel y "not c\ [-Js" wi 11 al ways be enab 1 ed when wr it j. ng
files. The notabs option of the Edit command remains unchanged.

1. On a work disk, rename 'pe .exe ' t o 'xx'.
2. Enter 'debug xx',
3. Enter ' u 70f2'. DEBUG should reply as follow s :
MOV W,{BP-12},0009
MOV W~{BP-12},3FFF