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Guide to Lisa Manuals

Set up your Lisa following the setup procedures in the
Lisa accessories box or in Appendix 1, Setup
Procedures, in the Lisa Owner's Guide.

Go through Section A, LisaGuide, in the Lisa Owner's
Guide, for an introduction to the Lisa.

If your dealer or service representative did not set your
system Preferences so that the Lisa knows what external
devices are attached, follow the instructions in Section
D, Desktop Manager Reference Guide, under Set, in the
Lisa Owner's Guide.

~ Go to Section A, Getting Started, in the manual for each
office tool that you want to learn, for the essentials of
using that tool.

Go to Section B, Lisa Fundamentals, in the Lisa Owner's
Guide, for the background information you need before
beginning long-term work on the Lisa.

You are now ready to start doing your own work on the
.If you want self-paced instructions for using a tool, go
to Section B, Tutorial, in that tool manual.