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Service Manual HDTV MONITOR
plifi Simplified Manual

Models Chassis
PT-53WX52F EP824
PT-53WX52CF EP824
PT-53WX42F EP824
PT-56WX52F FP824
PT-56WX52CF FP824
PT-56WX42F FP824


This Simplified Service Manual is issued to add listed models to the Simplified Service Manual order
No.MTNC020411C1 (PT-47WX52F). Included in this manual are disassembly procedures, and a complete parts list for
the serviceable boards are included in this Simplified Manual. Please file and use this manual together with Simplified
Service Manual, order No. MTNC020411C1 (PT-47WX52F).

"WARNING! This Service Manual is designed for experienced repair technicians only and is not designed for use by the general public.
It does not contain warnings or cautions to advise non-technical individuals of potential dangers in attempting to service a product.
Products powered by electricity should be serviced or repaired only by experienced professional technicians. Any attempt to
service or repair the product or products dealt with in this Service Manual by anyone else could result in serious injury or death."

The service technician is required to read and follow the "Safety Precautions" and "Important Safety Notice" in the Main Manual.

Copyright 2002 by Matsushita Electric Corporation of
America. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying
and distribution is a violation of law.