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City Line Miami Vacuum cleaner

Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care

Service Manual
- Electronic controled motor rpm - Give attention that the contact fingers (item 45) are placed
- Cordwinder build-in with flat cord on the cord-winder shaft in such a way that the pressure
- Dustbag-full indicator in dustcover point of the cordwinder knob to the cord winderlever
- This product meets the requirements regarding (item 40) is vertical.
interference suppression on radio and TV. - The spare parts have been standardized as much as possible.
- After the product has been repaired, it should function - Component configuration on exploded view may differ in
properly and has to meet the safety requirements as case of specific versions, however, the actual components are
officially laid down at this moment. distinguished by means of code numbers.
- Item 1 Cotton dustbag is used in those countries where
TECHNICAL INFORMATION paper dustbags are not available
- Item 41 Cord-winder spring unit is provided with a
- Maximum air displacement : 34 l/sec long spring, both long and short cords can be used in
- Maximum vacuum water column : 280 cm combination with this spring.
- Power consumptio (IEC) 225V : 1400 W - Cordwinder spring has to be tensioned till maximum minus
- Dust storage capacity : 2 litres approx. 1,5 revolution.
- Cord length (depends on version) : 6m
- Filter system : 6 filters OPTIONAL (accessories)
- Dimensions cleaner : 37 x 28 x 23 cm
Exhaust air filter HR6932 (8836 932 01210)
- Weight + accessoiries on board : 4.3 kg
Sydney cotton dustbag HR6997 (8836 997 01010)
- Noise : 80 dB
Sydney 3M dustbag HR6999 (8836 999 90010)
- Colour : Sunny lime
S-paper dustbags FC8021 (4822 480 10113)
Turbo brush con. HR6988 (4822 479 20196)
Polishing nozzle con. HR8040 (4322 004 22330)
- To open the appliance, first remove the screws A,B,C,D.
- To reach the motor remove the screws E.
- To disassemble the cordwider use Torx screw driver no
T10, which is one of set consisting of :
T20, T15, T10, T9, T8, T7 and T6 = 4822 395 50145.

Published by Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care Printed in the Netherlands