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TV-C2121 KE, KER


This Service Manual is the "Revision Publishing" and replaces "Simple Manual"
of TV-C2121 (KE, KER), (S/M Code No. 09-01A-448-8T1).

S/M Code No. 09-01B-448-8R1 D

Tuner System Frequency synthesized tuner
TV System PAL (B/G, D/K), SECAM (B/G, D/K, K1)
Video Input Color System PAL, SECAM, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43
Channel Coverage VHF: E2 to E12, R1 to R12
UHF: 21 to 69
CATV: S1 to S41
Program Memory 100 TV stations
Aerial Input 75 ohms, unbalanced
Picture Tube 21"
Screen Size 406(W) x 305(H) mm (16 x 121/8 in.)
508 mm (diagonal) (20 in.)
Video Input/Output 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms
Audio Input 0.5 Vrms., 33k ohms
Audio Output 0.5 Vrms., less than 2.2k ohms
Speakers 60 x 120 mm : 2
(23/8 x 43/4 in.)
Operating Voltage 110 V - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 75W
Earphone Jack Monaural-mini jack
Operating Temperature 5OC to 40OC
Operating Humidity 35% to 80%
Dimensions 610 (W) x 440 (H) x 480 (D) mm
(241/8 x 173/8 x 19 in.)
Weight 21.4kg (47.1 lbs.)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


1 8B-JBP-901-110 IB,KER (ERAP) C1421/2121 -M
1 8B-JBP-904-110 IB,KE (ERAP) C1421/2121 -C
2 8B-JBC-950-010 RC UNIT,RC-BVT08


To make the best use of this equipment, make sure to
obey the following items when repairing (or mending).
1. Do not damage or melt the tunicate of the leading Insulation resistance: 7 to 9.5 M (500 V/s)
wire on the AC1 side, including the power supply Voltage-withstand: 3 kV for 1 minute
2. Do not soil or stain the letters on the spec.
inscription plates, notice labels, fuse labels, etc.
3. When repairing the part extracted from the Safety checker (Model 7110, etc.)
conducted side of the board pattern, fix it firmly
with applying bond to the pattern and the part.
4. Restore the following items after repairing.
1) Conditions of soldering of the wires (especially,
the distance on the AC1 side).
2) Conditions of wiring, bundling of wires, etc.
3) Types of the wries. Earth cable
4) Attachment conditions of all types of the insulation.
5. After repairing, always measure the insulation
resistance and perform the voltage-withstand test
(See Fig-1). AC cable Connect the earth cable
to the outside metal part
1) The insulation resistance must be 7 to 9.5 M
when applying 500V per second.
2) In the voltage withstand test, apply 3 kV for 1
minute and check that the GO lamp lights. Fig-1

* Breaking current set to 6 mA.
* Connect the safety checker as shown in Fig-1,
then measure the resistance and perform the test.
* Do not touch the equipment during testing.
* For details of the safety checker, refer to the supplied
Operation manual.

When servicing and checking on the TV, note the followings.
1. Keep the notices. board. The inside wiring is designed not to get close to
As for the places which need special attentions, they the pyrogenic parts and high voltage parts. Therefore,
are indicated with labels or seals on the cabinet, put these parts in the original positions.
chassis and parts. Make sure to keep the indications 5. Take care of the cathode-ray tube.
and notices in the operation manual. By setting an explosion-proof cathode-ray tube in this
2. Avoid an electric shock. equipment, safety is secured against implosion.
There is a high voltage part inside. Avoid an electric However, when removing it or servicing from the
shock while the electric current is flowing. back, it gives out shock that is dangerous. Take
3. Use the designated parts. enough care to deal with it.
The parts in this equipment have the specific 6. Avoid an X-ray.
characteristics of incombustibility and withstand voltage Safety is secured against an X-ray by giving
for safety. considerations to the cathode-ray tube and the high
Therefore, use a part which has the same character voltage peripheral circuit, etc. Therefore, when
as the replaced part. Especially as to the important repairing the high voltage peripheral circuit, use the
parts for safety which is indicated in the circuit designated parts and do not change the circuit.
diagram or the table of parts with a ! mark, the Repairing, except indicates, causes rising of high
designated parts must be used. voltage, and the cathode-ray tube emits an X-ray.
4. Put parts and wires in the original position after 7. Perform a safety check after servicing.
assembling or wiring. Confirm that the screws, parts and wiring which were
There are parts which use the insulation material such removed in order to service are put in the original
as a tube or tape for safety, or which are assembled so positions, or whether there are deteriorated portions
that these parts do not make contact with the printed around the places serviced.

! Safety Components Symbol
This symbol is given to important parts which serve to maintain the safety of the product, and which
are made to confirm to special Safety Specifications.
Therefore, when replacing a component with this symbol make absolutely sure that you use a
designated part.