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ALGOL Vol 1 burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 ALGOL Vol 1.pdf
ALGOL Vol 1 burroughs
WFL burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 WFL.pdf
WFL burroughs
1118478 B900 Mem Dump Users Guide Nov82 burroughs  burroughs B900 1118478_B900_Mem_Dump_Users_Guide_Nov82.pdf
1118478 B900 Mem Dump Users Gu
ECU Comp Center B-5500 Systems Bulletin Index Oct77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing ECU_Comp_Center_B-5500_Systems_Bulletin_Index_Oct77.pdf
ECU Comp Center B-5500 Systems
3044-A B205 Operating Procedures Jun60 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 205 3044-A_B205_Operating_Procedures_Jun60.pdf
3044-A B205 Operating Procedur
Binder burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 Binder.pdf
Binder burroughs
200-21001B B200 SeriesRefMan Jul64 burroughs  burroughs 200-21001B_B200_SeriesRefMan_Jul64.pdf
200-21001B B200 SeriesRefMan J
5020A B220 OperCharac Aug60 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 5020A_B220_OperCharac_Aug60.pdf
5020A B220 OperCharac Aug60 bu
220-21011-D BALGOL Jan61 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 220-21011-D_BALGOL_Jan61.pdf
220-21011-D BALGOL Jan61 burro
ALGOL Vol 2 burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 ALGOL Vol 2.pdf
ALGOL Vol 2 burroughs
B1500 uprog Jan71 burroughs  burroughs B1700 B1500_uprog_Jan71.pdf
B1500 uprog Jan71 burroughs
1913-1747 M-Memory May74 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1913-1747_M-Memory_May74.pdf
1913-1747 M-Memory May74 burro
TD730 TD830 Technical Specification Apr76 burroughs  burroughs terminal TD730_TD830_Technical_Specification_Apr76.pdf
TD730 TD830 Technical Specific
Operating the B5500 Time-Sharing System burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 Operating_the_B5500_Time-Sharing_System.pdf
Operating the B5500 Time-Shari
CUBE XVI B6500 Status Apr70 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 CUBE_XVI_B6500_Status_Apr70.pdf
CUBE XVI B6500 Status Apr70 bu
1761-2045AC B8500 General Specification Oct69 burroughs  burroughs B8500 1761-2045AC_B8500_General_Specification_Oct69.pdf
1761-2045AC B8500 General Spec
Cande mk14 load burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_load.pdf
Cande mk14 load burroughs
2007555 CMS MCP Ref May82 burroughs  burroughs cms 2007555_CMS_MCP_Ref_May82.pdf
2007555 CMS MCP Ref May82 burr
COBOL85 Vol 1 burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 COBOL85 Vol 1.pdf
COBOL85 Vol 1 burroughs
2018750 CMS B1000 DumpAnalysis Aug82 burroughs  burroughs cms 2018750_CMS_B1000_DumpAnalysis_Aug82.pdf
2018750 CMS B1000 DumpAnalysis
3021 B205 Central Computer Hbk Mar56 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 205 3021_B205_Central_Computer_Hbk_Mar56.pdf
3021 B205 Central Computer Hbk
2032801 CMS OperationsGuide Mar85 burroughs  burroughs cms 2032801_CMS_OperationsGuide_Mar85.pdf
2032801 CMS OperationsGuide Ma
5023 B220 OperatingProcedures Nov59 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 5023_B220_OperatingProcedures_Nov59.pdf
5023 B220 OperatingProcedures
CUBE 13 Library Feb72 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing CUBE_13_Library_Feb72.pdf
CUBE 13 Library Feb72 burrough
Programming Tools For The D Machine burroughs  burroughs military D_Machine Programming_Tools_For_The_D_Machine.pdf
Programming Tools For The D Ma
220-21017 B220 BALGOL Mar63 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 220-21017_B220_BALGOL_Mar63.pdf
220-21017 B220 BALGOL Mar63 bu
COBOL85 Vol 2 burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 COBOL85 Vol 2.pdf
COBOL85 Vol 2 burroughs
Cande mk14 guard burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_guard.pdf
Cande mk14 guard burroughs
1034949 B2500 B3500 Assembler Apr69 burroughs  burroughs B2500_B3500 1034949_B2500_B3500_Assembler_Apr69.pdf
1034949 B2500 B3500 Assembler
5006 Datatron 220 Instructions 1957 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 5006_Datatron_220_Instructions_1957.pdf
5006 Datatron 220 Instructions
1720-5592AC B8502 Detailed Design Specification Oct69 burroughs  burroughs B8500 1720-5592AC_B8502_Detailed_Design_Specification_Oct69.pdf
1720-5592AC B8502 Detailed Des
220-21012-D STAR II Asm Oct61 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 220-21012-D_STAR_II_Asm_Oct61.pdf
220-21012-D STAR II Asm Oct61
DCALGOL burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 DCALGOL.pdf
DCALGOL burroughs
TaskManagement burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 TaskManagement.pdf
TaskManagement burroughs
BSP Fortran burroughs  burroughs BSP BSP_Fortran.pdf
BSP Fortran burroughs
5010986 B6900 sysRef Jul81 burroughs  burroughs B6900 5010986_B6900_sysRef_Jul81.pdf
5010986 B6900 sysRef Jul81 bur
5000-21005 B5000 operChar burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 5000-21005_B5000_operChar.pdf
5000-21005 B5000 operChar burr
2212-5462E B1000 MCPII burroughs  burroughs B1000 2212-5462E_B1000_MCPII.pdf
2212-5462E B1000 MCPII burroug
TSMCP XVI Dump Aug78 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing TSMCP_XVI_Dump_Aug78.pdf
TSMCP XVI Dump Aug78 burroughs

B800 CPUschematics burroughs  burroughs B800 B800_CPUschematics.pdf
B800 CPUschematics burroughs
1042447 B6500 MCP RefMan Aug69 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1042447_B6500_MCP_RefMan_Aug69.pdf
1042447 B6500 MCP RefMan Aug69
1127388 B1900maint Jul80 burroughs  burroughs B1900 1127388_B1900maint_Jul80.pdf
1127388 B1900maint Jul80 burro
L4000 Applications 1971 burroughs  burroughs series_L L4000_Applications_1971.pdf
L4000 Applications 1971 burrou
B5700 Logan Disk Mar77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Logan_Disk_Mar77.pdf
B5700 Logan Disk Mar77 burroug
5000854 B6700 Timings Feb75 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 5000854_B6700_Timings_Feb75.pdf
5000854 B6700 Timings Feb75 bu
TaskAttributes burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 TaskAttributes.pdf
TaskAttributes burroughs
FileAttributes burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 FileAttributes.pdf
FileAttributes burroughs
DMALGOL burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 DMALGOL.pdf
DMALGOL burroughs
IO burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 IO.pdf
IO burroughs
burroughs IC crossref burroughs  burroughs icData burroughs_IC_crossref.pdf
burroughs IC crossref burrough
5011349 B7000 B6700 CANDE RefCard Oct 79 burroughs  burroughs refCard 5011349_B7000_B6700_CANDE_RefCard_Oct_79.pdf
5011349 B7000 B6700 CANDE RefC
1025475 B2500 B3500 RefMan Oct69 burroughs  burroughs B2500_B3500 1025475_B2500_B3500_RefMan_Oct69.pdf
1025475 B2500 B3500 RefMan Oct
1038643 B5500 CompatibleAlgol May69 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1038643_B5500_CompatibleAlgol_May69.pdf
1038643 B5500 CompatibleAlgol
SDL paper dateUnknown burroughs  burroughs B1700 SDL_paper_dateUnknown.pdf
SDL paper dateUnknown burrough
MCP MkXIV mlogan burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_mlogan.pdf
MCP MkXIV mlogan burroughs
B5700 MCP Procedure Names Apr75 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXV B5700_MCP_Procedure_Names_Apr75.pdf
B5700 MCP Procedure Names Apr7
5001290 B6800 sysRef Jul77 burroughs  burroughs B6800 5001290_B6800_sysRef_Jul77.pdf
5001290 B6800 sysRef Jul77 bur
B5700 Mark XVI.0 SysNote#14 Jun75 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 B5700_Mark_XVI.0_SysNote#14_Jun75.pdf
B5700 Mark XVI.0 SysNote#14 Ju
B5700 Symbol Dumpanl burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Symbol_Dumpanl.pdf
B5700 Symbol Dumpanl burroughs
2201-6729B COBOL S-Lang 71 burroughs  burroughs B1700 2201-6729B_COBOL_S-Lang_71.pdf
2201-6729B COBOL S-Lang 71 bur
1127396 B1900maint V3 Nov80 burroughs  burroughs B1900 1127396_B1900maint_V3_Nov80.pdf
1127396 B1900maint V3 Nov80 bu
5001050 B6700 B7700 CANDE RefCard Jul 75 burroughs  burroughs refCard 5001050_B6700_B7700_CANDE_RefCard_Jul_75.pdf
5001050 B6700 B7700 CANDE RefC
19166164 B2500 B3500 ConfigMan Dec69 burroughs  burroughs B2500_B3500 19166164_B2500_B3500_ConfigMan_Dec69.pdf
19166164 B2500 B3500 ConfigMan
MCP MkXIV logan burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_logan.pdf
MCP MkXIV logan burroughs
5000276 Burroughs B6700 HANDBOOK VOLUME I Hardware burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 5000276_Burroughs_B6700_HANDBOOK_VOLUME_I_Hardware.pdf
5000276 Burroughs B6700 HANDBO
CUBE Library Listing burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing CUBE_Library_Listing.pdf
CUBE Library Listing burroughs
1169844 aSeries AlgolPt2 burroughs  burroughs A-Series 1169844_aSeries_AlgolPt2.pdf
1169844 aSeries AlgolPt2 burro
1170057 aSeries Intro apr86 burroughs  burroughs A-Series 1170057_aSeries_Intro_apr86.pdf
1170057 aSeries Intro apr86 bu
1045481-001 L TC Assembler Update Mar71 burroughs  burroughs series_L 1045481-001_L_TC_Assembler_Update_Mar71.pdf
1045481-001 L TC Assembler Upd
1082484 B720 sysRef Apr75 burroughs  burroughs B700 1082484_B720_sysRef_Apr75.pdf
1082484 B720 sysRef Apr75 burr
251-21001-P B251 Reference Dec60 burroughs  burroughs B251 251-21001-P_B251_Reference_Dec60.pdf
251-21001-P B251 Reference Dec
1079936 B6700 B7700 APL700 RefCard 1974 burroughs  burroughs refCard 1079936_B6700_B7700_APL700_RefCard_1974.pdf
1079936 B6700 B7700 APL700 Ref
BSP Design Strategy burroughs  burroughs BSP BSP_Design_Strategy.pdf
BSP Design Strategy burroughs
B5500 Disk System Operations Manual 1966 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 B5500_Disk_System_Operations_Manual_1966.pdf
B5500 Disk System Operations M
Organick Computer System Organization The B5700 B6700 Series 1973 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 Organick_Computer_System_Organization_The_B5700_B6700_Series_1973.pdf
Organick Computer System Organ
1035441 B6500 B7500 Stack Mechanism 1968 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1035441_B6500_B7500_Stack_Mechanism_1968.pdf
1035441 B6500 B7500 Stack Mech
BSP Control Program burroughs  burroughs BSP BSP_Control_Program.pdf
BSP Control Program burroughs
BSP Floating Point Processor burroughs  burroughs BSP BSP_Floating_Point_Processor.pdf
BSP Floating Point Processor b
MCP MkXIV dcfill burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_dcfill.pdf
MCP MkXIV dcfill burroughs

1028024 B5500 ExtendedAlgol Apr69 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1028024_B5500_ExtendedAlgol_Apr69.pdf
1028024 B5500 ExtendedAlgol Ap
1087996 L Series Operator Manual Oct75 burroughs  burroughs series_L 1087996_L_Series_Operator_Manual_Oct75.pdf
1087996 L Series Operator Manu
B5700 TS-MCP MarkXV.3.00 Feb74 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_TS-MCP_MarkXV.3.00_Feb74.pdf
B5700 TS-MCP MarkXV.3.00 Feb74
1104932 B1800 1900 partsCat burroughs  burroughs B1900 1104932_B1800_1900_partsCat.pdf
1104932 B1800 1900 partsCat bu
1067535 BASIC May1979 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1067535_BASIC_May1979.pdf
1067535 BASIC May1979 burrough
B220 PocketCard burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 B220_PocketCard.pdf
B220 PocketCard burroughs
1060233 B7700 RefMan Feb76 burroughs  burroughs B7700 1060233_B7700_RefMan_Feb76.pdf
1060233 B7700 RefMan Feb76 bur
BSSclassAppendix Apr85 burroughs  burroughs A-Series BSSclassAppendix_Apr85.pdf
BSSclassAppendix Apr85 burroug
1090685-003 B2000-B4000 MCPVI SysSoftwPgmr Upd Nov82 burroughs  burroughs mediumSystems 1090685-003_B2000-B4000_MCPVI_SysSoftwPgmr_Upd_Nov82.pdf
1090685-003 B2000-B4000 MCPVI
1109550 B9499-6 Vol3 Jun78 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1109550_B9499-6_Vol3_Jun78.pdf
1109550 B9499-6 Vol3 Jun78 bur
1170016 aSeries sysSwSup burroughs  burroughs A-Series 1170016_aSeries_sysSwSup.pdf
1170016 aSeries sysSwSup burro
1169844 aSeries AlgolPt1 burroughs  burroughs A-Series 1169844_aSeries_AlgolPt1.pdf
1169844 aSeries AlgolPt1 burro
Cande mk14 copy burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_copy.pdf
Cande mk14 copy burroughs
5000318 B6700 CANDE Oct72 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 5000318_B6700_CANDE_Oct72.pdf
5000318 B6700 CANDE Oct72 burr
1090685 B2000-B4000 MCPVI SysSoftwPgmr Apr82 burroughs  burroughs mediumSystems 1090685_B2000-B4000_MCPVI_SysSoftwPgmr_Apr82.pdf
1090685 B2000-B4000 MCPVI SysS
1040722 B2500 B3500 DataComm Jul69 burroughs  burroughs B2500_B3500 1040722_B2500_B3500_DataComm_Jul69.pdf
1040722 B2500 B3500 DataComm J
Cande mk14 punch burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_punch.pdf
Cande mk14 punch burroughs
1058294 B1700 SPO Ctl jun72 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1058294_B1700_SPO_Ctl_jun72.pdf
1058294 B1700 SPO Ctl jun72 bu
5000094 B6700 ESPOL Jun72 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 5000094_B6700_ESPOL_Jun72.pdf
5000094 B6700 ESPOL Jun72 burr
1152105 B1000 IBASIC Jan84 burroughs  burroughs B1000 1152105_B1000_IBASIC_Jan84.pdf
1152105 B1000 IBASIC Jan84 bur
5000722 B6700 B7700 System Software Handbook Jul73 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 5000722_B6700_B7700_System_Software_Handbook_Jul73.pdf
5000722 B6700 B7700 System Sof
0 Block Diagrams burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 schematics 0_Block_Diagrams.pdf
0 Block Diagrams burroughs
B2500 B3500 MCP ASR4.1 ReleaseNotes May70 burroughs  burroughs B2500_B3500 B2500_B3500_MCP_ASR4.1_ReleaseNotes_May70.pdf
B2500 B3500 MCP ASR4.1 Release
MCP MkXIV dumpanl burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_dumpanl.pdf
MCP MkXIV dumpanl burroughs
B5700 Glossary and Handbook burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Glossary_and_Handbook.pdf
B5700 Glossary and Handbook bu
BALGOL listing May61 burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 BALGOL_listing_May61.pdf
BALGOL listing May61 burroughs
1044781-003 L TC COBOL Update Sep70 burroughs  burroughs series_L 1044781-003_L_TC_COBOL_Update_Sep70.pdf
1044781-003 L TC COBOL Update
B5700 Algol Oct77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Algol_Oct77.pdf
B5700 Algol Oct77 burroughs
Cande mk14 hard burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_hard.pdf
Cande mk14 hard burroughs
2201-6737D FORTRAN S-Lang 78 burroughs  burroughs B1800 2201-6737D_FORTRAN_S-Lang_78.pdf
2201-6737D FORTRAN S-Lang 78 b
1152055 memDmpAnalysisMar85 burroughs  burroughs B1000 1152055_memDmpAnalysisMar85.pdf
1152055 memDmpAnalysisMar85 bu
Cande mk14 delete burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_delete.pdf
Cande mk14 delete burroughs
1058328 B1700 80colCt Mar73 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1058328_B1700_80colCt_Mar73.pdf
1058328 B1700 80colCt Mar73 bu
B5700 Operator Messages burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Operator_Messages.pdf
B5700 Operator Messages burrou
Cande mk14 merg burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_merg.pdf
Cande mk14 merg burroughs
1023579 Narrative Description Of B5500 MCP Oct66 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1023579_Narrative_Description_Of_B5500_MCP_Oct66.pdf
1023579 Narrative Description
1169976 aSeries Editor burroughs  burroughs A-Series 1169976_aSeries_Editor.pdf
1169976 aSeries Editor burroug
Cande mk14 list burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_list.pdf
Cande mk14 list burroughs
Algol Dollar Cards Aug77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing Algol_Dollar_Cards_Aug77.pdf
Algol Dollar Cards Aug77 burro
1033099 B2500 B3500 COBOL Sep70 burroughs  burroughs B2500_B3500 1033099_B2500_B3500_COBOL_Sep70.pdf
1033099 B2500 B3500 COBOL Sep7

Cande UCSC Patches Jan77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_UCSC_Patches_Jan77.pdf
Cande UCSC Patches Jan77 burro
Cande mk14 reseq burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_reseq.pdf
Cande mk14 reseq burroughs
1045481 L TC Basic Assembler Apr70 burroughs  burroughs series_L 1045481_L_TC_Basic_Assembler_Apr70.pdf
1045481 L TC Basic Assembler A
Cande mk14 user burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_user.pdf
Cande mk14 user burroughs
2201-2389H SDL S-Lang11-75 burroughs  burroughs B1700 2201-2389H_SDL_S-Lang11-75.pdf
2201-2389H SDL S-Lang11-75 bur
2201-2389J SDL S-Lang Aug77 burroughs  burroughs B1800 2201-2389J_SDL_S-Lang_Aug77.pdf
2201-2389J SDL S-Lang Aug77 bu
B5700 Mark XV.3.0 SysNote#13 Jul74 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 B5700_Mark_XV.3.0_SysNote#13_Jul74.pdf
B5700 Mark XV.3.0 SysNote#13 J
Cande mk14 paper burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_paper.pdf
Cande mk14 paper burroughs
B5700 X098ROU CHECKAL Apr75 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_X098ROU_CHECKAL_Apr75.pdf
B5700 X098ROU CHECKAL Apr75 bu
1054384 Data Communications Processor Reference Jul71 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1054384_Data_Communications_Processor_Reference_Jul71.pdf
1054384 Data Communications Pr
MS-3 S-Machine Jun75 burroughs  burroughs B2800_3800_4800 MS-3_S-Machine_Jun75.pdf
MS-3 S-Machine Jun75 burroughs
Series L TC Report Writer 1970 burroughs  burroughs series_L Series_L_TC_Report_Writer_1970.pdf
Series L TC Report Writer 1970
B5700 Pascal Apr78 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Pascal_Apr78.pdf
B5700 Pascal Apr78 burroughs
1044831 B6500 DCP Ref Feb70 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1044831_B6500_DCP_Ref_Feb70.pdf
1044831 B6500 DCP Ref Feb70 bu
1093788 TD 730 TD780 System Reference Manual Nov79 burroughs  burroughs terminal 1093788_TD_730_TD780_System_Reference_Manual_Nov79.pdf
1093788 TD 730 TD780 System Re
BSP File Memory burroughs  burroughs BSP BSP_File_Memory.pdf
BSP File Memory burroughs
1051752 B6500 Basic IO Handling Oct 69 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1051752_B6500_Basic_IO_Handling_Oct_69.pdf
1051752 B6500 Basic IO Handlin
BSP Fault Tolerant Features burroughs  burroughs BSP BSP_Fault_Tolerant_Features.pdf
BSP Fault Tolerant Features bu
B5700 System Operation Dec73 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 B5700_System_Operation_Dec73.pdf
B5700 System Operation Dec73 b
NEWP burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 NEWP.pdf
NEWP burroughs
POSIX burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 POSIX.pdf
POSIX burroughs
DS684 Burroughs D84 Modular Integrated Circuit Military Computer Oct65 burroughs  burroughs military D84M DS684_Burroughs_D84_Modular_Integrated_Circuit_Military_Computer_Oct65.pdf
DS684 Burroughs D84 Modular In
BSP Overview burroughs  burroughs BSP BSP_Overview.pdf
BSP Overview burroughs
Sockets burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 Sockets.pdf
Sockets burroughs
D84M Data Sheets Feb65 burroughs  burroughs military D84M D84M_Data_Sheets_Feb65.pdf
D84M Data Sheets Feb65 burroug
MLS burroughs  burroughs clearpath mcp_7.0 MLS.pdf
MLS burroughs
1051281 B6500 Process Handling Aug69 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1051281_B6500_Process_Handling_Aug69.pdf
1051281 B6500 Process Handling
EP4045 A-Series And B5-7xxx Operations Apr86 burroughs  burroughs training EP4045_A-Series_And_B5-7xxx_Operations_Apr86.pdf
EP4045 A-Series And B5-7xxx Op
26060475 IC data Aug75 burroughs  burroughs icData 26060475_IC_data_Aug75.pdf
26060475 IC data Aug75 burroug
2015400 B80 MCP Memory Dump Sep79 burroughs  burroughs B80 2015400_B80_MCP_Memory_Dump_Sep79.pdf
2015400 B80 MCP Memory Dump Se
Cande mk14 update burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_update.pdf
Cande mk14 update burroughs
MCP MkXIV stats3 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_stats3.pdf
MCP MkXIV stats3 burroughs
19975390A V Series Instruction Set burroughs  burroughs V-Series 19975390A_V_Series_Instruction_Set.pdf
19975390A V Series Instruction
1104783 IOctlsStntGde Apr77 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1104783_IOctlsStntGde_Apr77.pdf
1104783 IOctlsStntGde Apr77 bu
B5700 ESPOL Error Numbers Aug77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_ESPOL_Error_Numbers_Aug77.pdf
B5700 ESPOL Error Numbers Aug7
M-Processor3 3-26-76 burroughs  burroughs B1700 M-Processor3_3-26-76.pdf
M-Processor3 3-26-76 burroughs
1169943 aSeriesPhysIO Dec85 burroughs  burroughs A-Series 1169943_aSeriesPhysIO_Dec85.pdf
1169943 aSeriesPhysIO Dec85 bu
MCP MkXIV makcast burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_makcast.pdf
MCP MkXIV makcast burroughs
1021318 B5500 StreamProcedure May65 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1021318_B5500_StreamProcedure_May65.pdf
1021318 B5500 StreamProcedure
B5700 ESPOL XVI Dec76 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_ESPOL_XVI_Dec76.pdf
B5700 ESPOL XVI Dec76 burrough

1084357 B9495mntVol1 Mar77 burroughs  burroughs magtape 1084357_B9495mntVol1_Mar77.pdf
1084357 B9495mntVol1 Mar77 bur
5011661 B6000 B7000 SysSoftw OperGuide Vol1 Jun80 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 5011661_B6000_B7000_SysSoftw_OperGuide_Vol1_Jun80.pdf
5011661 B6000 B7000 SysSoftw O
1066925 B1700 PrntCtl May74 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1066925_B1700_PrntCtl_May74.pdf
1066925 B1700 PrntCtl May74 bu
B6700 SoftwareNotes II.3 Oct72 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 softwareNotes B6700_SoftwareNotes_II.3_Oct72.pdf
B6700 SoftwareNotes II.3 Oct72
2212-5405F B1700 SDLBNF6-80 burroughs  burroughs B1700 2212-5405F_B1700_SDLBNF6-80.pdf
2212-5405F B1700 SDLBNF6-80 bu
MCP MkXIV auxdata burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_auxdata.pdf
MCP MkXIV auxdata burroughs
B5700 Pascal Dec76 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Pascal_Dec76.pdf
B5700 Pascal Dec76 burroughs
5010713 B6700 Software Notes 3.0 Jul78 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 softwareNotes 5010713_B6700_Software_Notes_3.0_Jul78.pdf
5010713 B6700 Software Notes 3
MCP MkXIV mastest burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_mastest.pdf
MCP MkXIV mastest burroughs
B5700 Text Editors Sep76 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Text_Editors_Sep76.pdf
B5700 Text Editors Sep76 burro
5000763 B6700 Software Notes 2.5 Oct73 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 softwareNotes 5000763_B6700_Software_Notes_2.5_Oct73.pdf
5000763 B6700 Software Notes 2
AA119117 B5700 MCP Ref 1972 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 AA119117_B5700_MCP_Ref_1972.pdf
AA119117 B5700 MCP Ref 1972 bu
1042744 B6500 ESPOL Jan70 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1042744_B6500_ESPOL_Jan70.pdf
1042744 B6500 ESPOL Jan70 burr
TR61-58B D 825 Modular Proc Sys 1961 burroughs  burroughs military D8xx TR61-58B_D_825_Modular_Proc_Sys_1961.pdf
TR61-58B D 825 Modular Proc Sy
Cande UCSC patch find oct76 f burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_UCSC_patch_find_oct76_f.pdf
Cande UCSC patch find oct76 f
MCP MkXIV tpecnf burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_tpecnf.pdf
MCP MkXIV tpecnf burroughs
BASIC S-Language 5-24-73 burroughs  burroughs B1700 BASIC_S-Language_5-24-73.pdf
BASIC S-Language 5-24-73 burro
1068731 SystemSWOperGuide burroughs  burroughs B1700 1068731_SystemSWOperGuide.pdf
1068731 SystemSWOperGuide burr
1118361 MT983 MT993 Reference Oct80 burroughs  burroughs terminal 1118361_MT983_MT993_Reference_Oct80.pdf
1118361 MT983 MT993 Reference
MCP MkXIV afilter burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_afilter.pdf
MCP MkXIV afilter burroughs
1058583 B5700 TSS RefMan Sep72 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1058583_B5700_TSS_RefMan_Sep72.pdf
1058583 B5700 TSS RefMan Sep72
118991660 B5000 SysSpecialInstructions Feb65 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 118991660_B5000_SysSpecialInstructions_Feb65.pdf
118991660 B5000 SysSpecialInst
B5281.51 CPU TechnicalManual Feb65 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 B5281.51_CPU_TechnicalManual_Feb65.pdf
B5281.51 CPU TechnicalManual F
1057155 B1700SysRefMan11-73 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1057155_B1700SysRefMan11-73.pdf
1057155 B1700SysRefMan11-73 bu
1036993 B5283 TrainingMan Jan69 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1036993_B5283_TrainingMan_Jan69.pdf
1036993 B5283 TrainingMan Jan6
BSSclassHandouts Mar86 burroughs  burroughs A-Series BSSclassHandouts_Mar86.pdf
BSSclassHandouts Mar86 burroug
B6700 Software Notes 2.4 Apr73 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 softwareNotes B6700_Software_Notes_2.4_Apr73.pdf
B6700 Software Notes 2.4 Apr73
1023850 B100-200-300ref burroughs  burroughs 1023850_B100-200-300ref.pdf
1023850 B100-200-300ref burrou
MCP MkXIV logout burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_logout.pdf
MCP MkXIV logout burroughs
1 CPU burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 schematics 1_CPU.pdf
1 CPU burroughs
1038205 B5500 TS TerminalUG Jun69 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1038205_B5500_TS_TerminalUG_Jun69.pdf
1038205 B5500 TS TerminalUG Ju
TSSMCP Patches 780320 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing patches TSSMCP_Patches_780320.pdf
TSSMCP Patches 780320 burrough
5014954 aSeriesArcVol2Apr84 burroughs  burroughs A-Series 5014954_aSeriesArcVol2Apr84.pdf
5014954 aSeriesArcVol2Apr84 bu
Cande mk14 schedul burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_schedul.pdf
Cande mk14 schedul burroughs
1021326 B5500 RefMan May67 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1021326_B5500_RefMan_May67.pdf
1021326 B5500 RefMan May67 bur
1044757 L Series Operator Manual Nov69 burroughs  burroughs series_L 1044757_L_Series_Operator_Manual_Nov69.pdf
1044757 L Series Operator Manu
M-Memory Proc 1-9-76 burroughs  burroughs B1700 M-Memory_Proc_1-9-76.pdf
M-Memory Proc 1-9-76 burroughs
1042421 Burroughs Guide to System Design Jun69 burroughs  burroughs series_L 1042421_Burroughs_Guide_to_System_Design_Jun69.pdf
1042421 Burroughs Guide to Sys
Cande mk14 replace burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_replace.pdf
Cande mk14 replace burroughs
1169992 aSeries DiskSubsSw burroughs  burroughs A-Series 1169992_aSeries_DiskSubsSw.pdf
1169992 aSeries DiskSubsSw bur

1058286 B1700 96colCt Jun72 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1058286_B1700_96colCt_Jun72.pdf
1058286 B1700 96colCt Jun72 bu
B5700 Lisp Apr77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Lisp_Apr77.pdf
B5700 Lisp Apr77 burroughs
MCP MkXIV auxtst burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_auxtst.pdf
MCP MkXIV auxtst burroughs
1057155 B1700SysRefMan04-72 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1057155_B1700SysRefMan04-72.pdf
1057155 B1700SysRefMan04-72 bu
B8500 Datamation Aug65 burroughs  burroughs B8500 B8500_Datamation_Aug65.pdf
B8500 Datamation Aug65 burroug
5011570 6000 Series Sys Notes 3.2.1 Nov80 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 softwareNotes 5011570_6000_Series_Sys_Notes_3.2.1_Nov80.pdf
5011570 6000 Series Sys Notes
1051182 B5700 FORTRAN Jan71 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1051182_B5700_FORTRAN_Jan71.pdf
1051182 B5700 FORTRAN Jan71 bu
B220 DatatronRefMan burroughs  burroughs electrodata 220 B220_DatatronRefMan.pdf
B220 DatatronRefMan burroughs
1032638 B5500 ESPOL RefManOct67 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1032638_B5500_ESPOL_RefManOct67.pdf
1032638 B5500 ESPOL RefManOct6
1072568 MIL May1977 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1072568_MIL_May1977.pdf
1072568 MIL May1977 burroughs
Cande mk14 quiklst burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_quiklst.pdf
Cande mk14 quiklst burroughs
B5700 Smalltalk Manual burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Smalltalk_Manual.pdf
B5700 Smalltalk Manual burroug
5001068 B6700 Software Notes 2.7 May75 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 softwareNotes 5001068_B6700_Software_Notes_2.7_May75.pdf
5001068 B6700 Software Notes 2
MCP MkXIV dc1000 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_dc1000.pdf
MCP MkXIV dc1000 burroughs
B5700 DCMCP Sep77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_DCMCP_Sep77.pdf
B5700 DCMCP Sep77 burroughs
Xalgol Patches Apr78 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing patches Xalgol_Patches_Apr78.pdf
Xalgol Patches Apr78 burroughs
1058633 B6700 RefMan May72 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1058633_B6700_RefMan_May72.pdf
1058633 B6700 RefMan May72 bur
1070281 B1700pwrSubsy Nov76 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1070281_B1700pwrSubsy_Nov76.pdf
1070281 B1700pwrSubsy Nov76 bu
1042747 B6500 MCP RefMan Feb70 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1042747_B6500_MCP_RefMan_Feb70.pdf
1042747 B6500 MCP RefMan Feb70
B5700 Fortran Apr77 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Fortran_Apr77.pdf
B5700 Fortran Apr77 burroughs
B5700 Pascal Patches Oct78 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Pascal_Patches_Oct78.pdf
B5700 Pascal Patches Oct78 bur
Cande mk14 cande burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_mk14_cande.pdf
Cande mk14 cande burroughs
5024508 swOperGuideVol1 burroughs  burroughs B1000 5024508_swOperGuideVol1.pdf
5024508 swOperGuideVol1 burrou
1088010B 1700MCPRefManAug75 burroughs  burroughs B1700 1088010B_1700MCPRefManAug75.pdf
1088010B 1700MCPRefManAug75 bu
G1129 An Introduction to Mechanical Accounting Methods burroughs  burroughs bookkeeping G1129_An_Introduction_to_Mechanical_Accounting_Methods.pdf
G1129 An Introduction to Mecha
TR64-15 D 851 Programming Mar64 burroughs  burroughs military D8xx TR64-15_D_851_Programming_Mar64.pdf
TR64-15 D 851 Programming Mar6
2102380 B1700cardTstr Sep76 burroughs  burroughs B1700 2102380_B1700cardTstr_Sep76.pdf
2102380 B1700cardTstr Sep76 bu
1044849 B6500 RefCard Nov 69 burroughs  burroughs refCard 1044849_B6500_RefCard_Nov_69.pdf
1044849 B6500 RefCard Nov 69 b
A-Series And B5-7xxx Instructors Guide burroughs  burroughs training A-Series_And_B5-7xxx_Instructors_Guide.pdf
A-Series And B5-7xxx Instructo
Cande UCSC patch lfiles oct76 f burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing cande Cande_UCSC_patch_lfiles_oct76_f.pdf
Cande UCSC patch lfiles oct76
1043676 B6500 RefMan Sep69 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 1043676_B6500_RefMan_Sep69.pdf
1043676 B6500 RefMan Sep69 bur
MCP MkXIV tsdump burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_tsdump.pdf
MCP MkXIV tsdump burroughs
1031986 B5500 DISK MCP Handbook Oct67 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1031986_B5500_DISK_MCP_Handbook_Oct67.pdf
1031986 B5500 DISK MCP Handboo
BJ-8 B8500 System Ref Man Apr66 burroughs  burroughs B8500 BJ-8_B8500_System_Ref_Man_Apr66.pdf
BJ-8 B8500 System Ref Man Apr6
B5700 Snobol Manual Jun76 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing B5700_Snobol_Manual_Jun76.pdf
B5700 Snobol Manual Jun76 burr
MIL MicroImplementationLang burroughs  burroughs B1700 MIL_MicroImplementationLang.pdf
MIL MicroImplementationLang bu
1043825 B5500 SysSWOpnGuide Sep69 burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 1043825_B5500_SysSWOpnGuide_Sep69.pdf
1043825 B5500 SysSWOpnGuide Se
MCP MkXIV tapedsk burroughs  burroughs B5000_5500_5700 listing mcp_mkXIV MCP_MkXIV_tapedsk.pdf
MCP MkXIV tapedsk burroughs
5011257 6000 Series Sys Notes 3.1 Sep79 burroughs  burroughs B6500_6700 softwareNotes 5011257_6000_Series_Sys_Notes_3.1_Sep79.pdf
5011257 6000 Series Sys Notes

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