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SR-0066A Segment Loader Reference Nov84 cray  cray COS SR-0066A_Segment_Loader_Reference_Nov84.pdf
SR-0066A Segment Loader Refere
3202 CRAY-3 Hardware Reference Manual Feb94 cray  cray CRAY-3 3202_CRAY-3_Hardware_Reference_Manual_Feb94.pdf
3202 CRAY-3 Hardware Reference
HM-1002-IO Subsystem IOS Based Field Engineers Diagnostic Reference Manual-June 1984.OCR cray  cray Diagnostics HM-1002-IO_Subsystem_IOS_Based_Field_Engineers_Diagnostic_Reference_Manual-June_1984.OCR.pdf
HM-1002-IO Subsystem IOS Based
HR-0097 CRAY X-MP Series Model 48 Mainframe Ref Man Aug84 cray  cray CRAY_X-MP HR-0097_CRAY_X-MP_Series_Model_48_Mainframe_Ref_Man_Aug84.pdf
HR-0097 CRAY X-MP Series Model
Cray Users Group Fall85 cray  cray users_group Cray_Users_Group_Fall85.pdf
Cray Users Group Fall85 cray
SP-2023 UNICOS Internal Reference Manual for CRAY-2 Computer Systems 5.0  cray  cray UNICOS 5.0_1989 SP-2023_UNICOS_Internal_Reference_Manual_for_CRAY-2_Computer_Systems_5.0_.pdf
SP-2023 UNICOS Internal Refere
HR-04028 Cray Y-MP C90 Computer Systems Functional Description Mar92 cray  cray CRAY_Y-MP HR-04028_Cray_Y-MP_C90_Computer_Systems_Functional_Description_Mar92.pdf
HR-04028 Cray Y-MP C90 Compute
3207 CRAY-3 Hardware Description Manual Jul93 cray  cray CRAY-3 3207_CRAY-3_Hardware_Description_Manual_Jul93.pdf
3207 CRAY-3 Hardware Descripti
CSM-1009-000 IO Subsystem Models C and D System Programmer Reference Apr89 cray  cray IOS CSM-1009-000_IO_Subsystem_Models_C_and_D_System_Programmer_Reference_Apr89.pdf
CSM-1009-000 IO Subsystem Mode
2240004C CRAY-1 Hardware Reference Nov77 cray  cray CRAY-1 2240004C_CRAY-1_Hardware_Reference_Nov77.pdf
2240004C CRAY-1 Hardware Refer
HR-0808  -1S HWref Nov81 cray  cray CRAY-1 HR-0808_CRAY-1S_HWref_Nov81.pdf
HR-0808 -1S HWref Nov81 cray
SR-2011 UNICOS 2.0 User Commands Oct86 cray  cray UNICOS 2.0_1986 SR-2011_UNICOS_2.0_User_Commands_Oct86.pdf
SR-2011 UNICOS 2.0 User Comman
SM-0043G-COS Operational Procedures Reference Manual-November 1989.OCR cray  cray COS SM-0043G-COS_Operational_Procedures_Reference_Manual-November_1989.OCR.pdf
SM-0043G-COS Operational Proce
SR-0222D Cray X-MP Mulitasking Programmers Reference Jul87 cray  cray CRAY_X-MP SR-0222D_Cray_X-MP_Mulitasking_Programmers_Reference_Jul87.pdf
SR-0222D Cray X-MP Mulitasking
HR-0004F CRAY-1 Computer Systems Hardware Reference Manual May82 cray  cray CRAY-1 HR-0004F_CRAY-1_Computer_Systems_Hardware_Reference_Manual_May82.pdf
HR-0004F CRAY-1 Computer Syste
SM-0017B CFT Internal Reference Jan86 cray  cray CFT SM-0017B_CFT_Internal_Reference_Jan86.pdf
SM-0017B CFT Internal Referenc
SG-2010B UNICOS Primer 3.0 Jul87 cray  cray UNICOS 3.0_1987 SG-2010B_UNICOS_Primer_3.0_Jul87.pdf
SG-2010B UNICOS Primer 3.0 Jul
HR-3005 Cray X-MP Computer Systems Functional Description Manual Feb87 cray  cray CRAY_X-MP HR-3005_Cray_X-MP_Computer_Systems_Functional_Description_Manual_Feb87.pdf
HR-3005 Cray X-MP Computer Sys
SR-0013K Update Reference Manual Nov90 cray  cray Update SR-0013K_Update_Reference_Manual_Nov90.pdf
SR-0013K Update Reference Manu
SR-0039C CRAY-OS Message Manual Dec84 cray  cray COS SR-0039C_CRAY-OS_Message_Manual_Dec84.pdf
SR-0039C CRAY-OS Message Manua
HR-04001-0C Cray Y-MP Computer Systems Functional Description Jun90 cray  cray CRAY_Y-MP HR-04001-0C_Cray_Y-MP_Computer_Systems_Functional_Description_Jun90.pdf
HR-04001-0C Cray Y-MP Computer
HR-0004-CRAY 1 Hardware Reference Manual-PRELIMINARY-1975.OCR cray  cray CRAY-1 HR-0004-CRAY_1_Hardware_Reference_Manual-PRELIMINARY-1975.OCR.pdf
HR-0004-CRAY 1 Hardware Refere
SM-0045 COS Table Descriptions Oct80 cray  cray COS SM-0045_COS_Table_Descriptions_Oct80.pdf
SM-0045 COS Table Descriptions
SM-0042-COS Front end Protocol Internal reference Manual-XMP and CRAY 1-1987.OCR cray  cray COS SM-0042-COS_Front_end_Protocol_Internal_reference_Manual-XMP_and_CRAY_1-1987.OCR.pdf
SM-0042-COS Front end Protocol
HR-0097B Cray X-MP Four-Processor Mainframe Reference Manual Aug86 cray  cray CRAY_X-MP HR-0097B_Cray_X-MP_Four-Processor_Mainframe_Reference_Manual_Aug86.pdf
HR-0097B Cray X-MP Four-Proces
SR-0060B Pascal Reference Jan86 cray  cray Pascal SR-0060B_Pascal_Reference_Jan86.pdf
SR-0060B Pascal Reference Jan8
SM-0046-G-IOS Software Internal Reference Manual-September 1988.OCR cray  cray IOS SM-0046-G-IOS_Software_Internal_Reference_Manual-September_1988.OCR.pdf
SM-0046-G-IOS Software Interna
SM-0040 COS EXEC STP CSP Internal Reference Manual Oct80 cray  cray COS SM-0040_COS_EXEC_STP_CSP_Internal_Reference_Manual_Oct80.pdf
SR-0011L CRAY-OS Version 1 Reference Jul83 cray  cray COS SR-0011L_CRAY-OS_Version_1_Reference_Jul83.pdf
SR-0011L CRAY-OS Version 1 Ref
CSM-1010-000 IOS Model E System Programmer Reference Oct91 cray  cray IOS CSM-1010-000_IOS_Model_E_System_Programmer_Reference_Oct91.pdf
CSM-1010-000 IOS Model E Syste
SR-0013E-01 Update Reference Nov84 cray  cray Update SR-0013E-01_Update_Reference_Nov84.pdf
SR-0013E-01 Update Reference N
Nelson TimingCodesOnTheCray-1 May81 cray  cray CRAY-1 Nelson_TimingCodesOnTheCray-1_May81.pdf
Nelson TimingCodesOnTheCray-1
HR-04028-0A C90 Series Functional Description Apr93 cray  cray CRAY_Y-MP HR-04028-0A_C90_Series_Functional_Description_Apr93.pdf
HR-04028-0A C90 Series Functio
SM-0045-I Cray COS Table Descriptions Internal Reference Manual cray  cray COS SM-0045-I_Cray_COS_Table_Descriptions_Internal_Reference_Manual.pdf
SM-0045-I Cray COS Table Descr
CRAY-1 PrelimRefRevA Jun75 cray  cray CRAY-1 CRAY-1_PrelimRefRevA_Jun75.pdf
CRAY-1 PrelimRefRevA Jun75 cra
3102  -3 Software Introduction Nov91 cray  cray CRAY-3 3102_CRAY-3_Software_Introduction_Nov91.pdf
3102 -3 Software Introduction
SG-3073 5.0 CF77 Vol3 Vectorization Guide Aug91 cray  cray UNICOS 5.0_1989 SG-3073_5.0_CF77_Vol3_Vectorization_Guide_Aug91.pdf
SG-3073 5.0 CF77 Vol3 Vectoriz
HR-0032 X-MP MainframeRef Nov82 cray  cray CRAY_X-MP HR-0032_X-MP_MainframeRef_Nov82.pdf
HR-0032 X-MP MainframeRef Nov8
HR-0077-  XMP and   1 Computer Systems-Disk Systems Hardware Reference Manual-July 1985.OCR cray  cray Disk HR-0077-CRAY_XMP_and_CRAY_1_Computer_Systems-Disk_Systems_Hardware_Reference_Manual-July_1985.OCR.pdf
HR-0077- XMP and 1 Computer

T-0103C-  1 Computer System-Operating System COS Workbook-Training-September 1981.OCR cray  cray COS T-0103C-CRAY_1_Computer_System-Operating_System_COS_Workbook-Training-September_1981.OCR.pdf
T-0103C- 1 Computer System-Op
SG-0056A Symbolic Interactive Debugger Jan85 cray  cray COS SG-0056A_Symbolic_Interactive_Debugger_Jan85.pdf
SG-0056A Symbolic Interactive
SR-0009J CFT Reference Dec84 cray  cray CFT SR-0009J_CFT_Reference_Dec84.pdf
SR-0009J CFT Reference Dec84 c
SR-0011K CRAY-OS Version 1 Reference Jul82 cray  cray COS SR-0011K_CRAY-OS_Version_1_Reference_Jul82.pdf
SR-0011K CRAY-OS Version 1 Ref
CSM-0500-000 Cray Y-MP C90 System Programmer Reference Feb92 cray  cray CRAY_Y-MP CSM-0500-000_Cray_Y-MP_C90_System_Programmer_Reference_Feb92.pdf
CSM-0500-000 Cray Y-MP C90 Sys
Cray Users Group Spring94 cray  cray users_group Cray_Users_Group_Spring94.pdf
Cray Users Group Spring94 cray
SM-0007-IOS Table Descriptions Internal Reference Manual cray  cray COS SM-0007-IOS_Table_Descriptions_Internal_Reference_Manual.pdf
SM-0007-IOS Table Descriptions
SM-0040C COS EXEC STP CSP Internal Ref Man Feb84 cray  cray COS SM-0040C_COS_EXEC_STP_CSP_Internal_Ref_Man_Feb84.pdf
HR-04027 Cray Y-MP EL Functional Description Aug92 cray  cray CRAY_Y-MP HR-04027_Cray_Y-MP_EL_Functional_Description_Aug92.pdf
HR-04027 Cray Y-MP EL Function
SR-0146 COS Performance Utilities Apr87 cray  cray COS SR-0146_COS_Performance_Utilities_Apr87.pdf
SR-0146 COS Performance Utilit
HR-0200-0D CRAY-2 Computer Systems Functional Description Jun89 cray  cray CRAY-2 HR-0200-0D_CRAY-2_Computer_Systems_Functional_Description_Jun89.pdf
HR-0200-0D CRAY-2 Computer Sys
SM-0017 Fortran CFT Internal Reference Manual cray  cray COS SM-0017_Fortran_CFT_Internal_Reference_Manual.pdf
SM-0017 Fortran CFT Internal R
SR-0009L CFT Reference Feb86 cray  cray CFT SR-0009L_CFT_Reference_Feb86.pdf
SR-0009L CFT Reference Feb86 c
SR-0012A Macros and Opdefs Reference Nov84 cray  cray COS SR-0012A_Macros_and_Opdefs_Reference_Nov84.pdf
SR-0012A Macros and Opdefs Ref
Cray Users Group Fall84 cray  cray users_group Cray_Users_Group_Fall84.pdf
Cray Users Group Fall84 cray
Cray Users Group Spring86 cray  cray users_group Cray_Users_Group_Spring86.pdf
Cray Users Group Spring86 cray
SR-0013D UPDATE Reference Jun81 cray  cray Update SR-0013D_UPDATE_Reference_Jun81.pdf
SR-0013D UPDATE Reference Jun8
HR-3020 CRAY X-MP EA Computer Systems Functional Description Apr88 cray  cray CRAY_X-MP HR-3020_CRAY_X-MP_EA_Computer_Systems_Functional_Description_Apr88.pdf
HR-3020 CRAY X-MP EA Computer
SR-0018B CFT77 Reference Feb88 cray  cray CFT SR-0018B_CFT77_Reference_Feb88.pdf
SR-0018B CFT77 Reference Feb88
SG-0051G-IOS Operators Guide for COS-September 1988.OCR cray  cray COS SG-0051G-IOS_Operators_Guide_for_COS-September_1988.OCR.pdf
SG-0051G-IOS Operators Guide f
SR-0039 CRAY-OS Message Manual Jul81 cray  cray COS SR-0039_CRAY-OS_Message_Manual_Jul81.pdf
SR-0039 CRAY-OS Message Manual
SR-0011M CRAY-OS Version 1 Reference Dec84 cray  cray COS SR-0011M_CRAY-OS_Version_1_Reference_Dec84.pdf
SR-0011M CRAY-OS Version 1 Ref
HR-0032-CRAY X MP Series Mainframe Reference Manual-July 1984.OCR cray  cray CRAY_X-MP HR-0032-CRAY_X_MP_Series_Mainframe_Reference_Manual-July_1984.OCR.pdf
HR-0032-CRAY X MP Series Mainf
2240207 Vectorization and Conversion of Fortran Programs for the CFT Compiler cray  cray CFT 2240207_Vectorization_and_Conversion_of_Fortran_Programs_for_the_CFT_Compiler.pdf
2240207 Vectorization and Conv
HR-04033 CRAY T3D System Architecture Overview Sep93 cray  cray HR-04033_CRAY_T3D_System_Architecture_Overview_Sep93.pdf
HR-04033 CRAY T3D System Archi
2240012E CRAY-OS Ver 1 System Programmers Man Vol 3 May80 cray  cray COS 2240012E_CRAY-OS_Ver_1_System_Programmers_Man_Vol_3_May80.pdf
2240012E CRAY-OS Ver 1 System
CP-0099A Cray Publications Catalog Sep84 cray  cray CP-0099A_Cray_Publications_Catalog_Sep84.pdf
CP-0099A Cray Publications Cat
CRAY-1 PrelimSitePlanning cray  cray CRAY-1 CRAY-1_PrelimSitePlanning.pdf
CRAY-1 PrelimSitePlanning cray
819 DiskControl Sep75 cray  cray Disk 819_DiskControl_Sep75.pdf
819 DiskControl Sep75 cray
CRAY-2 Description Dec82 cray  cray CRAY-2 CRAY-2_Description_Dec82.pdf
CRAY-2 Description Dec82 cray
CRAY-1 Brochure 1975 cray  cray CRAY-1 CRAY-1_Brochure_1975.pdf
CRAY-1 Brochure 1975 cray
2240011E Cray-OS Ver 1.0 Reference Jul78 cray  cray COS 2240011E_Cray-OS_Ver_1.0_Reference_Jul78.pdf
2240011E Cray-OS Ver 1.0 Refer
2240009C CRAY-1 Fortran Reference Apr78 cray  cray CRAY-1 2240009C_CRAY-1_Fortran_Reference_Apr78.pdf
2240009C CRAY-1 Fortran Refere
2240012E  -OS Ver 1 System Programmers Man Vol 2 May80 cray  cray COS 2240012E_CRAY-OS_Ver_1_System_Programmers_Man_Vol_2_May80.pdf
2240012E -OS Ver 1 System Pro
CSM-0111000-B-  XMP 1 System Programmer Reference Manual-August 1986.OCR cray  cray CRAY_X-MP CSM-0111000-B-CRAY_XMP_1_System_Programmer_Reference_Manual-August_1986.OCR.pdf
CSM-0111000-B- XMP 1 System P
HR-0065 M Series Site Planning Ref Man Apr83 cray  cray CRAY-1 HR-0065_M_Series_Site_Planning_Ref_Man_Apr83.pdf
HR-0065 M Series Site Planning
HR-0032   X-MP Series Model 22 24 Mainframe Ref Man Jul84 cray  cray CRAY_X-MP HR-0032_CRAY_X-MP_Series_Model_22_24_Mainframe_Ref_Man_Jul84.pdf
HR-0032 X-MP Series Model 22
HR-0031 SolidStateStorage Dec82 cray  cray Disk HR-0031_SolidStateStorage_Dec82.pdf
HR-0031 SolidStateStorage Dec8
SMM-1012C-  YMP XMP EA XMP   1 Computer Systems-UNICOS Online Diagnostic Maintenance Manual-March 19 cray  cray Diagnostics SMM-1012C-CRAY_YMP_XMP_EA_XMP_CRAY_1_Computer_Systems-UNICOS_Online_Diagnostic_Maintenance_Manual-March_1989.OCR.pdf
SR-0011-O-  XMP and   1 Computer Systems-COS Version 1 Reference Manual-May 1987.OCR cray  cray COS SR-0011-O-CRAY_XMP_and_CRAY_1_Computer_Systems-COS_Version_1_Reference_Manual-May_1987.OCR.pdf
SR-0011-O- XMP and 1 Comput

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