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MODELS All microwave ovens

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MWO2000 05 02

May 2000 White Page 1 of 1

SYMPTOM Localised 'scorch' marks on the oven cavity faceplate and/or the door sub-assembly following normal operation. CAUSE Variation in the sealing gap between the door sub-assembly sealer plate and oven cavity faceplate could lead to localised scorching. This phenomenon can be aggravated by abnormal usage such as no-load operation.


Suggested repair methods are as follows: 1. Stainless Steel Cavities Providing the scorching is not of a severe nature: I. II. Rub the cavity faceplate down to remove marks. This can be achieved by use of a suitable grade of wire wool ensuring a uniform finish is obtained. Replace the door assembly.

2. Painted Cavities Unfortunately in these cases there maybe no option but to replace both oven cavity and door sub-assembly, dependant on scorching severity.

IMPORTANT Normal service procedures should follow any repair work i.e. leakage checks etc, and it is recommended that the oven is run for a sufficient period to confirm no repeat symptoms.

Sharp Electronics (UK) Limited
Reference TBM0005241 Revision

White Carry out as required Yellow Carry out as required and whenever the unit comes in for service Red Carry out on all units