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14 107S2 CM23 GS III Mechanical Instructions
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0. General
To be able to perform measurements and repairs on the "circuit
boards", these unit should placed in the service position first.
1.Remove the rear cover
-Remove right and left lib on the back cover
-Open 4 lids with "-" type screwdriver.
-Remove 4 screws at the bottom cabinet with "+" type
screwdriver,refer fig 2.
-Remove out back cover.

2. Video panel
a.Cutoff all wire cable ties
b.Remove GRD wire between video shield and CRT rack.
c.Remove 1 screw between mains board rack and video shield
d. cutoff 1 cable tie on LOT wire
e.Remove GRD wire (1604)from video PCB to CRT rack.

3. Main panel
- Disconnect the degaussing coil (1113)from Main panel.
- Remove the video panel from CRT.
- Remove the "screw" of I/F cable from Main panel.
- Disconnect the CRT ground "M312" from Video panel.
- Disconnect the Hi-Pot cap from CRT.
- Disconnect yoke wire from "M401".
- Disconnect concellation connector(1402).
- Slide the main panel out of bottom tray. lid
- Connect yoke wire to "M401".
- Connect concellation connector(1402).".
- Place Main panel in service position as shown in Fig.1.
- Mount Video panel again on CRT.
- To connect Hi-Pot cap again.
- To connect "M312" again.



Fig.1 Fig.3


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