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Instrument Security Procedures

Fluke 5725A

Product Name:

Instrument Description:
The 5725A amplifier is used to increase the current and voltage capability for the
Fluke 5700A/5720A and Fluke 5500A.

Memory Description:
The 5725A amplifier contains volatile and non-volatile memory. The 5725A
amplifier has 2K x 8 Static Ram, 2K x 8 EEPROM and a factory-programmed
ROM. The EEPROM is used to store calibration constants. This memory is not
user accessible or configurable.

Memory Cleaning Instructions:
Static RAM
The Static Ram is volatile memory and is erased when the instrument is no
longer powered.

The EEPROM can be set to factory default calibration constants using a Fluke

Process using Fluke 5700A/5720A:
1. Set the CALIBRATION switch on the back of the 5725A to ENABLE.
2. From the front panel of the 5720A/5720A, select "Setup Menus" softkey.
3. Select "Instrmt Setup" softkey.
4. Select "Format EEPROM" softkey.
5. Select 5725 softkey.
6. Select "YES" softkey.

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